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Princess Pajamas Party Girls


Hello, we all like parties. Parties are organized for different reasons. Today we want to help a beautiful princess to organize the pajama party in the kingdom. Every year organizes a party and this year wants a great party and thought it would be a good idea to prepare a pajama party where all their friends wil be invited. In this app you will have to help Maya with everything it needs. At the castle everyone is agitated, everyone wants everything to be perfect and therefore work every day. All the details are important for the party to be unforgettable. Princess wants new clothes and you have to help her, you should not forget to decorate the room where the party will take place. Through this application with princesses you'll be able to make friends and even you'll be able to prove to everyone that you are a child with many abilities.Here, in this kids games you'll be able to see how live princesses. We know that you will like very much.- To the beginning you have to use your attention to find and identify a few things;- You have to arrange everything;- To decorate pillows;- Choose the most beautiful models and most beautiful colors;- Fix the TV;- You have to do cleaning;- Clean the dust;- Fix flooring;- Wash carpet;- Arrange furniture;- Choose the most beautiful models;- You have to makeup girls;- Apply: contact lenses, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, powder cheeks and brow pencil;- Clean ears;- Brush the teeth with a special toothpaste;- To help the young to look good doing tattoos on the face;- Choose the most beautiful colors and patterns;- The girls came to the party;- Everything looks very good;- The girls want to drink orange juice;- You have to give them cake;- They must eat vegetables and fruits;- Paint the hair;- Choose the most interesting color;- Choose a hairstyle;- Choose the most beautiful clothes;- Do not forget the accessories;- The girls were so much fun, you're a great friend.You're the best organizer of parties, please come back every day through this princess games.
Have fun!